Dining guide for Amsterdam

Local Cuisine

The main ingredient of the Dutch cuisine are potatoes, which are usually served with meat and boiled vegetables. Dutch people don' t use spices in their meals but they particularly use broth. Consumption of diary products is quite high and this is the main reason why Holland has grown famous about its cheese, and the many different varieties they produce. Some of the most famous cheeses of Holland are Gouda, Edam and Leidse. Besides the traditional cuisine that you should taste, Amsterdam is full of restaurants and self service caters, where you can enjoy a delicious meal whatever your preferences may are!

Restaurants we suggest

De Prins | Prinengracht 124

This restaurant is situated in a very beautiful area of Amsterdam and right next to the house where Ann Frank had lived. It used to be a coffee place but it shortly turned into a restaurant with traditional Dutch meals. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere cosy.

Vooges | Utrechtstraat 51

This restaurant is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a meal in a dim-lit, friendly atmosphere. All dishes are very well prepared and the prices reasonable enough.

Greetje | Peperstraat 23-25

Typical Dutch meals combined with ingredients from the French cuisine are the main characteristic of this restaurant. The meals are all home-made, all ingredients are fresh and the staff is willing to help at any time!

Al Argentino Restaurant Steakhouse | Zeedijk 29A

This restaurant serves exclusively dishes from Argentina. The steaks are cooked according to tradition and are served with specific kinds of salad. The natural flavor of the food is well preserved and this is the main goal of the kitchen staff.

Dobson & Uzcudun | Jamuiden 52A

This is actually a chain of restaurants with a quite good range of food and the quality of it is good enough.

Restaurant Claes Claesz Amsterdam | Egelantiersstraat 24

The kitchen of this restaurant is opes from 6pm to 11pm and doesn't operate on Mondays and Tuesdays. Nevertheless, Piet has tried to preserve the original atmosphere and decoration of the place which makes this restaurant so unique. The decoration has strong influences from the 1920's and all tables and the space is lit by candles and chandeliers. The a la carte menu changes every 3 to 4 months and chef Piet is trying to prepare and cook everything in his own kitchen, from bread to ice cream and the meals.

Replay Cafe | Singel/ Kalvertoren shopping center

This restaurant offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes. It is situated on the ground floor of the most famous shopping mall in Amsterdam and you can enter it either from the entrance in the shopping mall or from the side street Singel.

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