Sightseeing guide for Amsterdam

Oude Kerk

This old church with little houses clinging to its sides, is the oldest in the city of Amsterdam. Its buildings, especially the octagonal bell tower which is influenced by the Gothic and the Renaissance rhythm, are admirable and according to history they were used by sailors to get their bearings.

Dam square

Dam is the center of Amsterdam. In the Dam many dark moment of history have taken place as for example, the reception of Napoleon and his troops during the 1808 take-over of the city. The Royal Palace which dominates the square, was originally used as the town hall and its classical facade and fine sculptures were built so as to glorify the city of Amsterdam and its government. In contrast to its turbulent history, the square is now a peaceful place.

Amsterdam's Canals

The four main city center canals are Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel. There are also numerous smaller canals in the neighbourhood of Jordaan, of which the Brouwersgracht, the Bloemgracht and the Leliegracht are worth visiting.

Magere Brug

In Amsterdam you can find approximately 1280 bridges. The "Magere Brug", or Skinny Bridge is the most famous one. It is a traditional, double-leaf bridge connecting the banks of the river Amstel. Approximately every twenty minutes, the bridge opens to let boats through. The original bridge was built in 1670, but as the traffic on Amstel increased, a wider bridge was built to replace the narrow one.

Rembrandtplein (square)

In Rembrandtplein you will easily distinguish a variety of pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels and many clubs as well as traditional Dutch places where original Dutch music is performed. In the summer, people enjoy their drink outside. In the centre of the square there is a small park where you can relax.

Leidseplein (square)

The Leidseplein or Leidse-square is one of Amsterdam's most popular centres for nightlife. A variety of restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, theatres and night clubs can be found here.

Artis Zoo

Right in the center of Amsterdam, you can also find the oldest Zoo of Holland. Four are the main zones of the Artis Zoo: the Zoo, the Planetarium, the Botanical Gardens and the Geological and Zoological museum. Animals from all over the world, a unique canal aquarium which shows which animals roam the canals of Amsterdam are some of the main characteristics of the zoo. The planetarium offers children a trip trough the universe and a tropical rainforest greenhouse can also be found. The Geological museum displays movies, pictures, items which reveal how the planet has evolved over the past 4 billion years.


Vodelpark is the most famous park in Holland and attracts 10 million guests per year. It is situated in the south of Amsterdam and is a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day in Amsterdam.

Hortus Botanicus - the Botanical Garden

Established in 1632 and containing more than 6000 plants, some of them being extremely unique, the Botanical Garden of Amsterdam is famous all over the world. In the recently renovated Orangery, a beautiful cafe with a large outside terrace open to the garden welcomes the visitors.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands, with more than a million visitors per year. The Rijksmuseum possesses a unique collection of Dutch art, from early religious works to the masterpieces of the Golden Age.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank stayed here during the World War II and wrote her famous diary. You can admire objects she used during her stay here as well as the original diary. Amsterdam Tulip Museum The tulip flower which is the symbol of Netherlands, is the main attraction in this museum. Multimedia presentations about the history of tulip, its cultivation and the history of the so called tulip mania are presented in this museum. The museum also has a very interesting shop.

Jewish Historical Museum

The museum consists of four synagogues. The oldest one dates back to the 17th century and houses a rich collection of objects that were used by the Jews. The history, religion and culture of the Jews in the Netherlands is actually presented here.

Van Gogh Museum

The museum houses approximately 200 paintings and 550 sketches showing Van Gogh in different sentimental situations. Here you will be able to observe the letters of Van Gogh himself to Theo, and selected works by his friends.

Rembrandt house museum

The house where Rembrandt lived from 1639 until 1659 is now the home of a large collection including paintings of persons who inspired him, like Pieter Lastman.


The largest science museum in the Netherlands is housed in a ship-form building designed by Renzo Piano. This museum offers children and adults the opportunity to experience science by interacting with different articles of the museum and participating in experiments. It is an absolutely amazing experience and is a unique museum in whole Europe.

Nieuwe Kerk New Church

This late Gothic church is the home of several unique exhibitions throughout the year. This church was built back in the 14th century due to the fact that the population was growing and the Old Church could not host that many people. During its history the New Church was destroyed many times by fire but at last in 1650 it became its final shape. In the church you will find an impressive church pipe organ.

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