Transportation guide for Barcelona

Getting around Barcelona

By taxi

Taxis in Barcelona are available and are not too expensive. Barcelona cabs are either black or yellow. A green light on top means that the cab is free.

By metro

The Barcelona metro is clean, safe, cheap and easy to use. The majority of the Barcelona citizens prefer the metro to get around the city and the suburbs. The Barcelona metro system has 6 lines, plus the funicular railway to Parc Montjuic.

By bus

Barcelona has over 100 bus lines, numbered from 6 to 192. The buses travel alla round the city and the suburbs and are very convenient. The city has special public transport lanes to avoid heavy traffic, but Barcelona buses nevertheless run slower than the metro. Depending on the time of day and line, buses run every 5 to 20 minutes. Each bus stop has a posted list of the bus's route and timetable. Once the regular Barcelona buses stop running around 11pm, a number of Nitbusos, which actually means night buses, continue until 3am or 5am depending on the line. All nightbuses pass through Placa de Catalunya from the same point.

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