Transportation guide for Berlin

Getting around Berlin

If you are not keen on getting around by bike, which is what the majority of the citizens of Berlin do, then the transportation system of BVG is ideal for your transfers. Tickets are reasonable compared to other european capitals and there are special passes for those who wish to stay longer.

By tram

The tramway is a fast and practical way to get around Berlin. They majority of the routes run around eastern Berlin and they never get stuck in traffic.

By bus

Berlin is split in 3 zones, A,B and C, but actually the two first are the ones that represent the city center. Buses will lead you wherever you like but it is true that the rest of the means of public transport, e.g. the tramway and the metro, are far more convenient.

By metro

The metro in Berlin (U-Bahn) has many stops and is very convenient regardless the destination you want to reach. During the rush hours, trains pass by every 1 to 2 minutes. There is a total of 10 metro lines running in Berlin, which stop at midnight and start again at 5 in the morning. Metro lines U1 and U9 work 24 hours a day.

By taxi

It's not usually too hard to find a taxi in Berlin's inner districts. The cabs are painted beige and have a characteristic taxi sign on the roof. You can hail one on the street, hop into any car at a rank or phone some taxi-company to order a taxi.

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