Transportation guide for Edinburgh

Getting around Edinburgh

By bus

Buses are very convenient to use in Edinburgh and can take you to any part of the city and even to the suburbs. You can either buy simple tickets from the tickets offices or you can buy a daily tickets which is far more useful and cost effective. There are some blue double decker buses that depart from Waverley bridge and head to the airport of Edinburgh. The distance to the airport is covered in approximately 25 minutes and the tickets cost 3 pounds.

By doubledecker bus

Doubledecker buses are very popular and are a very useful way to see all the city and its sights. They depart quite often and are very amusing.

By tram

Edinburgh used to have a tramway many years ago, which nevertheless stopped working. The city council decided that it is a very convenient way to get around the city and as a result restoration works began in order to make the tram work once again.

By train

You can travel by train to all Scotland and to other destinations in Great Britain. The route between London's Kings Cross and Edinburgh is approximately one hour and the the trains depart every hour.

By taxi

Taxis of Edinburgh are beige coloured and are considered to be cheap. There is always an extra cost in case you have luggage.

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