Transportation guide for Brussels

Getting around Brussels

By subway

The subway system (metro) in Brussels is considered as one of the safest in Europe and is very convenient for your getting around in the city. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket offices inside the subway stations and you can also find free maps of the subway network.

By bus

Buses are quite frequent in Brussels and are used from the majority of citizens. Tickets can be bought from the driver in the bus, although it is better to have bought them in advance from the ticket offices either in the subway or in small shops.

By tram

Trams are very popular in Brussels and are the ideal way to enjoy the city's attractions without having to walk long distances. Itineraries are very frequent and you can see the schedules in every tram stop.

By train to other cities

Brussels has three main train stations (North, Central, Midi). Trains to Belgian cities depart from all 3 stations. From the Midi-station (or South-station) you can take the Thalys train to Paris (1h20min) as well as the Eurostar train to London (2h40min).

By taxi

Taxis can not be stopped in the street so if you wish to take a taxi you need to go to a taxi stand. Taxis can be of all colors and car brands. Official taxis have on top of the roof an illuminated panel with the inscription " Brussels Gewest - TAXI - Region de Bruxelles". There is a starting price (which depends on the time of day).

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