Dining guide for Budapest

Local Cuisine

The great traditions of Hungarian cuisine have, in the last ten to fifteen years, successfully mingled with modern sophistication. Originally the Hungarian cuisine is based in the French cuisine and came to Hungary through Austria and the Hapsburgs and resulted in mixing with ancient Hungarian peasant dishes. The most famous traditional dish is goulash, which is a thick soup. Sour cream is often used to soften the flavour. Moreover you need to try fish soup, chicken paprika, a good home-made stew. Desserts vary from strudels, Gundel pancakes to sweet pastas. Hungary is also known for its annual wine production that totals 4.2 million hectolitres mellowed in 22 historical wine regions.

Restaurants we suggest

Szlovak Sorozo | V. Bihari Janos u.17

This resaturant is daily open. The kitchen serves from 10 in the morning up to 01.00 in the midnight. It offers cheap and quality food and is situated in the Nyugati area.

Non stop! Szent Jupat Etterem | II. Retek u. 16

The dishes offered by this restaurant are huge and everything is prepared according to the hungarian tradition.

Kalocsa restaurant | 1085 Baross u. 10

Besides the excellent dishes, this restaurant offers home made biscuits with apricot jam and fresh made butter.

Oaktree restaurant | 1023 Torok u. 3

This a family-run restaurant that serves traditional Hungarian dishes and quality wines. The atmosphere has a very strong influence from the hungarian tradition.

Ezustponty | XII. Nemethvolgy ut 96

This restaurant was opened 150 years ago. Its dishes are originally hungarian. The room is covered in wood and gives a sense of old, typical hungarian inn. There are also musicians playing violin and guitar and singing traditional songs. The walls are covered in old photos, paintings with seaboats and others with scenes of every day life in Budapest. Here you can taste the best goulash soup in town.

Kasca Vendeglo | Central Buda, metro: Batthyany ter

This restaurant is situated between the hill where the castle is located and the river Danube, on the Buda side. Some of its' noticable dishes are grilled duck, froglegs with vegetables in white wine, smoked salmon with wild mushrooms and cognac sauce. The place runs 160 years now and the most special thing about it is the musical trio that creates magic nights for the costumers.

Baraka | V. Magyar u. 12-14

The restaurant was opened in 2001 by a non Hungarian couple and has become one of the most popular places in Budapest. The menu as well as the decoration are light and simple. You will find the daily dishes written on the black board of the restaurant. The chef is trying to use ingredients from different places on earth in the dishes he prepares. His specialty is the chocolate volcano.

Box utca | VI. Bajcsy Zs. ut 21

This restaurant is owned by the famous national hero and winner in the Olympic Games in battle, "Ko-ko" Kovacs. All the walls are covered with pictures, photos, newspaper pieces and souvenirs from his games and victories. There are big screens where someone can enjoy sports forecasts. You can also eat something or enjoy a cigar in the cigar room, as well as connect to the internet through the wireless network.

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