Shopping in Budapest

Market halls

Central Market hall

Central Market Hall is one of the oldest market halls in Budapest and was once connected to the River Danube by a tunnel so that goods could be directly tranfered from barges and taken inside to the stalls for sale. The upper floor offers a bright and astonishing view to the city but can be pricey.

Hold utca Market

This market hall is situated in the center of the city and more speicifically in the Pest area, very close to the Parliament.

Rakoczi ter Market

This market hall is a good sample of everyday life in Budapest and is rarely frequented by tourists.

Hunyadi ter Market

Dating from 1897, this is the only market hall that has not been rennovated since the political changes in 1990. You can find a very good delicatessen store here.

Batthyany ter Market

This market hall, which actually is the only one in Buda, was restored in 2003. Upstairs there are shops, a nice cafe and you can enjoy a fantastic view over one of the city’s finest squares and across the River Danube towards the Parliament.

Flea markets

Ecseri Flea Market

A visit to this long-established traditional flea market is a great opportunity to meet locals and experience an aspect of the life of Hungarian people. It has since the middle of the 19th century been held in various locations. It is also sometimes known as Tango. Serious bargain hunters can be found here first thing on a Saturday morning before tha majority of tourists start arriving.

Budapest Flea Market

Budapest Flea Market, outside the Petofi Hall is held every Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. You will meet some genuine tradesmen, the majority of the several hundred vendors being ordinary people selling just bits and pieces for a small amount of money.

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