Transportation guide for Budapest

Getting around Budapest

By subway

There are three subway lines which all meet at the Deak ter. The tickets should be validated before going down to the tunnel at the orange punch slots on the underground station. On the subway, usually one ticket is valid only for one line, and new tickets must be used every time you change lines.

By bus, tram, trolley

The schedules for tram and bus lines display the departure time from the terminal. This means you have to add the time the tram/bus needs to reach your current stop. The express lines have a red number. These lines stop only at the main stops. Outside Budapest you must to validate another ticket. There are also night buses for the most frequent places.

By suburban railway

The HEV lines are part of the Budapest transport system and connect the city with the surrounding towns and villages, like Szentendre, Godollo.

By taxi

The Budapest taxis have a yellow plate and have a yellow taxi sign on the top of the car. You should prefer to order taxi by phone that will arrive in 5 to 10 minutes. The fares are lower when you call the taxi by phone.

By boatbus

It is worth to make a small ship cruise on the Danube within the city or to surrounding towns and villages. Ships operate from May to September.

By bicycle

At present, there are only a few bike-routes in Budapest and the surroundings, however, the bike-route network develops very dynamically. On the HEV you can take the bike with yourself, but you have to buy a ticket.

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