Dining guide for Edinburgh

Local Cuisine

In Edinburgh there are many international cuisine restaurants such as Japanese and even Turkish restaurants. Nevertheless, scottish restaurants are very popular. Main typical dishes are anything that includes fresh fish and seafood, preferrably with local fish. The scotch smoked salmon, porridge (which is made of oat and is erved as breakfast), many scottish pies of meat and the famous haggis.

Besides the traditional scottish food, there is also the famous Scotch whiskey. There are two main types of whiskey produced in Scotland: the malt whiskeys, which are more expensive, and the blended ones, which are a mix of different distilleries in comparison to the malt whiskeys. Scotland also produces a number of beers.

Restuarants we suggest

Skippers Seafood Bistro | 1a Dock Place

Exclusively fresh fish and seafood is offered for more than 25 years now from this typical scotch bistro. The menu changes twice a day depending on the fresh fish available in the kitchen. Only the freshest and purest ingredients are used in order to prepare the food.

The Shore Bar & Restaurant | 3 Shore

This is a restaurant located by the historical harbour of Edinburgh and serves fresh seafood and fish meals. The interior of the restaurant is covered in wood, there are big mirrors everywhere and a big fireplace. The atmosphere is very friendly and cosy.

Iggs | 15 Jeffrey street

This is a compolitan restaurant in the city center that serves spanish meals with a great emphasis on tapas. It has been several times awarded for tis excellent cooking and the quality of the service provided.

Jacksons | 209 High Street

Jacksons is located at the historical and legendary Royal Mile and serves the best scotch food in the city. The recipes are very creative, the dining room beautifully decorated with torches and candles, white table clothes and wall papers.

The Waterfront Wine Bar & Grill | 1c Dock Place

This has been the waiting room for all passengers wanting to take the steamboat from Leith to Aberdeen. Nowadays it is one of the most beautiful bar restaurants in town and is famous for its excellent quality drinks and seafood dishes.

Restaurant Martin-Wishart | 54 The Shore

Martin Wishart is a modern, stylish restaurant located at the Leith bay. The dishes of the menu are creative, homemade using the freshiest ingredients and supplies. It changes quite often to adjust to the demands of its clients and the season's flavours. The wine list is very carefully chosen so as each wine can accompany the dishes it serves.

Amber at the Scotch Whisky Experience | 357 Castlehill The Royal Mile

Amber is the ideal meeting point for friends but for business dinners also. Its dishes are popular and delicious. It is very traditional and the fact that it has stone walls and an original wooden floor makes it even more typical Scotch. Highlight of the restaurant is the magnificent whiskey bar offering over 300 different labels of whiskey made of liquor, malt blends and more. Its wines and alcoholic drinks are qualitative as well.

Handrian's Brasserie | 1 Princes Street

This is one of Edinburgh's cosy, little places that everyone loves for its delicious, home made, original food and the warm atmosphere.

Blue Bar cafe

Blue Bar Cafe is one of the most visited restaurants downtown. The interior is minimalstic decorated and the soft lighting creates a wonderful meeting point for everyone. Chef Michelin is very proud of his team and their creations.

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