Nightlife in Florence

Andromeda | Via dei Cimatori 13

This bar which has opened 20 years before attracts mainly stylish and young crowds that love dancing and amusing themselves until the first morning hours.

Full Up | Via della Vigna Vecchia 23-25

This is a typical florentine club where locals show up dressed up. You can choose among the piano bar to enjoy your drink or the dance stage to listen to dance, house and mainstream music sometimes even played by famous Dj's.

Meccano | Viale degli Olmi 1

This is the most popular and stylish club in town. All of its guests show up in their best, in-fashion clothes. During the summer there is an external dance floor and there are many famous Dj's invited to play their music.

Tenax | Via Pratese 47

This is the place where many great Italian and international musicians have performed. The music ranges from latin during the weekdays to the hits of the season during the weekends. The club is one of the most favourite ones to the citizens of Florence since it hosts many of the best house music Dj's in the world that play until the first morning hours.

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