Dining guide for Istanbul

Local Cuisine

Doner is a type of kebab prepared with lamb, which is roasted on a spit over a coal fire. Besides red meat, it is also made from sausage and chicken. Fish is also a wide spread dish and you will be able to choose from a variety of fresh fish. Meyhanes are typical places where alcoholic beverages are drunk and special "mezes" are eaten with a drink called raki. Raki is produced from the razaki grape and in the past, was known by such names as araka and araki. Raki is made from grapes. First, water is added to both dry and moist grapes. After the mixture becomes must, the process of fermentation begins. After this mixture is distilled, its extraction becomes a type of alcohol known as suma. Finally, after aniseed added, the suma is fermented again, and turns into raki.

Kebab is the name generally given to different types of meat that are roasted over a coal fire. Among the most common types of kebab are the spicy Adana kebab and the mild Urfa kebab, both of which are made out of mincemeat, shish kebabs, made out of small pieces of veal or lamb. Kebabs are typically served with different types of vegetables, such as tomatoes and eggplant. Lahmacun is a peculiar dish. It is made from a mixture of onions, spices, and mincemeat, which is spread over a thin layer of dough and cooked over a coal flame. Lahmacun can be either spicy or mild. Moreover, there is a similar dish known peymacun, which is made with a mixture of cheese and parsley. Fruit syrup (serbet), which is prepared by boiled fruits such as apricots, cherries, plums and oranges together with sugar or honey, is a traditional Turkish drink. Simit is one of the most traditional and common types of Turkish food. It is made from flour, formed in the shape of a ring and cooked in an oven and is typically covered with a large quantity of sesame seeds.

Restaurants we suggest

Cafe Creme | Mecidiye Koprusu Sokak no.12

This restaurant has 3 floors and serves medittereanean dishes. On Sundays you can even enjoy breakfast until late in the day. Specialty of the restaurant is the salad with the seafood, the cafe creme steak from beef and the crepes with spinach and salmon. Vegeterians can also find a variety of dishes.

Galatea Restaurant and Wine Bar | Sofyali Sok. 16

The romantic atmosphere of this restaurant is mainly created by the fact that it is situated in a basement covered in red bricks, full of arches and candle light. Lunch and dinner, a big variety of wine labels and many Spanish dishes as well as tapas are the menu characteristicof this restaurant.

Asitane | Kariye Camii Sok. 18

This restaurant prepares dishes based on the original recipes made in the Topkapi palace. Chef Asitane tries to preserve the greatness of the Ottoman empire to the dishes themselves. Menu changes every year but remains superb.

Haci Abdullah | Sakizagaci Cad. 17

Politicians, businessmen, families and visitors from all over the world come to this restaurant for many years now. The recipes prepared are based on traditional turkish cuisine recipes. All walls are covered with jars with fruit from different regions in Turkey.

Develi restaurant | Balikpazari, Samatya

This restaurant serves dishes from the southeastern part of Turkey and specifically from the Gaziantep region, which actually means that the majority of them is spicy. The main dish of the menu is cig kofte, meat balls with any kind of spice available in the kitchen, that are served almost raw in cabbage leaves. There is also a terrace where you can eat during the summer months.

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