Shopping in Istanbul

Baghdad Avenue

The road that the Ottoman army once used while leaving Istanbul has now become one of the most popular shopping and entertainment center. Shops of all popular brands like Zara, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Barbour and many more can be found here. Although the number of the haute couture boutiques here is not that high, many people are still attracted to this place by the multistorey shops such as Boyner and YKM and by dozens of small shops selling various products imported from outside the country. You can also find the big branches of the famous hairdressers and beauty centers such as Tony & Guy, Erdem Kiramer and Ebil. Moreover, you can take break in one of the dozens of classy cafes or restaurants such as Starbucks, Divan, Kirinti.


Nisantasi is doubtlessly the most important shopping street and fashion center of Istanbul. Brands such as Emporio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Alexander McQueen are only some that you will find in this beautiful district.


Beyoglu is one the districts which depicts the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul at its best. Beyoglu streets welcomed citizens from high-income levels most of whom were foreigners, and today it welcomes over middle-aged people with high cultural and artistic knowledge and the youth preferring alternative dressing. In Beyoglu, you can find chain stores of brands such as Diesel, Nike and Puma. Among those hidden shops are Raven, Porto Bello, By Rodo, Pulp, Bondea Fashion and Cantaci Cem, famous for its bags manufactured on order. The most important feature of those shops is they contain all kinds of products either fashionable or not and that their price range is quite reasonable.

Grand Bazaar

Just next to the deluxe shopping malls where you can find world-wide famous brands all together, there is an alternative shopping center, unique to Istanbul. Grand Bazaar is a place which keeps lots of professions which are threatened by vanishing alive. It is the world' s oldest, biggest bazaar where the most variable products are exhibited. The bazaar houses more than 3 thousand shops and it is visited by approximately 400.000 people.

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