Nightlife in Lisbon

Cafe da Palha | Rua do Bojador, Modulo F12 - Parque das Nacoes

During the day this bar works as a restaurant, whereas in the night it has different stages for dancing, 2 bars and a small terrace. You can listen mainly to pop and dance music and be aware that on Saturdays it is fully packed.

Cosmos Cafe | Armazem 243, Pavilhao 5

This cafe is located in Docas and is the ideal choice especially for the warmer days since it has tables outside and offers quality italian food until midnight. Moreover it is quite common for people to dance there.

Dock's Club | Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa

This club has an industrial interior design and offers excellent view to the river Tagus.

LUX Fragil | Rua da Atalaia 126

This club plays an important role in the Portuguese dance music scene. It hosts many famous dj's from around the world and organizes the best parties in town. You can hear any kind of music from reggae to samba and drum'n'bass.

Incognito | Rua Poiais Sao Bento 37

This is an authentic discoteque that firstly opened 10 years ago. It is the only place in Lisbon where you can hear original disco music and dance to it until the first morning hours.

Texas Bar | Rua Nova do Carvalho 24

This is one of the most stylish and popular bars in Cais do Sodre. There are theme parties organized some special day in the week that attract many people.

Adega do Machado | Rua do Norte 91

This is the oldest fado house in Lisbon. Here you can listen to the original fado songs performed by very good artists. Although many locals consider it as touristic, it is still one of the quality fado houses in Lisbon with a very strong, portuguese atmosphere.

Faia | Rua da Barroca 54/56

This is the place where the best fado singers sing in Lisbon. At the same time the food served is excellent, although a little pricey. Artists as Tristao da Silva, Fernando Mauricio, Ada de Castro, Camane who are considered to be legends in Fado songs, have performed and still perform here.

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