Dining guide for London

Local Cuisine

Typical british recipes include ingredients such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish usually accompanied with french fries or vegetables. Some of the most popular and characteristic dishes are roast beef, yorkshire pudding and fish and chips. Besides the food, tee is a national habit and is connected to a whole philosophy. It is considered a small meal and it is accompanied by pastries, cakes or small sandwiches.

Restaurants we suggest


Part of the Savoy Hotel, Simpson's is a place for meat and fish lovers, though everyone will appreciate the stunningly ornate interior and air of times gone by. The place has been serving traditional food since 1828.

Porters English Restaurant

Classics such as pies, cod and chips, and roast beef are the main dishes offered here. It is located near the Covent Garden.

Notting Grill

Notting Grill mainly focuses on meat. Only the best quality meat is served and the most delicious steaks and meat dishes are prepared.


This is a typical fish and chips restaurant with reasonable prices and excellent food. It can get quite busy but it is worth visiting.


London's oldest restaurant is located in the heart of Covent Garden. Serving up traditional British cuisine since 1798, Rules places an emphasis on oysters, pies and puddings.

St John

This is a traditional English eatery housed in a former smokehouse. It is one of the most popular restaurants in London and the chef prepares only the best for his clients.

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