Nightlife in London

Kittie of York

This is a unique pub that has a beautiful fireplace in the middle of the place without a chimney. The pub is filled with huge wine barells that accommodate up to 1000 galeons of wine.

Dog and Duck

This pub is located in in the heart of Soho and its interior is a well preserved victorian building that resembles an original english pub. There is a vast variety of british beers and international as well. The terrace is a good opportunity to observe people passing by.

The Eagle

The Eagle is a traditional english pub that offers a variety of lager beers such as strawberry fruli, Juppers Kolsch and many more. Delicious side dishes and light meals are also served and you can also sit outside during the summer months.

The George Inn

This pub is supposed to have been the favorite place of Shakespeare because he lived nearby. It has 4 main floors as well as a bar and a garden to enjoy in the summer.

Gordon's Wine Bar

This is the oldest wine cellar in London and it is located near Charing Cross.The cellar is quite dark and it only illuminated by candles inside wine bottles. A strong victorian sense is evident and you can also sit outside in the summer.

The Lamb

The Lamb is a traditional victorian pub that was biult in the 18th century in the memory of the philanthropist William Lamb. It is decorated in victorian era furniture and it is very popular among the locals mainly because it offers qualitative beer.

AKA | 18 W Central Str.

The bar reminds of an old post office inside and gathers crowds from the age of 20 to 40. The music is excellent, famous dj's often perform here and the bar offers a variety of exotic cocktails.

The island | Hungerford Lane

This is a rather hidden bar with famous celebrities clientele. It is an extravagance, lively place, idela to meet new people and dance until the first morning hours.

Baltic | 74 Blackfriars Rd

This is tha place where young businessmen and sophisticated crowds gather here to enjoy one of the 40 different types of russian vodka offered. The interior is characterised by its white walls, contemporary works of art, sophisticated lighting and the big dining room with the huge chandelier.

Mahiki | 1 Dover str.

This is a bar where the rich and famous of London prefer. As a result queues are a common phenomenon outside this bar. It has two main stages, one with chill out music and the other with dance music.

Heaven | 11 The Arches

This is a huge, extremely popular and especially lively club that gathers mainly younger people having fun until the morning. It is gay friendly and is considered to be one of the hottest spots in London.

The Cross Nightclub | 27-31 York Way

This club is located in the catacombs under King's Cross. Its walls are covered in brick, there is soft lighting and it could definitely be characterised as "underground". Every Friday and Saturday there are famous Dj's performing.

Player | 8 Broadwick str.

This club has been exclusively private but recently opened its doors to anyone and has become extremely popular since. Every Friday and Saturday, doors close at 23.00 and the club becomes private again.

Cuckoo Club | Swallow str.

This club is characterised by its excellent decoration, the variety of cocktails and drinks and the sense of luxury that is obvious everywhere. It is a meeting point for many celebrities and as a result you need to be on the guest list during weekends.

Ronnie Scott's | 47 Firth str.

This legendary club in Soho is considered to be the best jazz club in the city. Every night the programm starts at 21.45 and the bands playing live music don' t stop until the crowd says so.

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