Dining guide for Madrid

Local Cuisine

Madrid is not especially known for its native cuisine. Other Spanish regions like the Basque country, Catalunya or Galicia are more famous for their food. Nevertheless, Madrid does have some unique recipes. Dishes tend to be heavy and usually contain rare ingredients. Typical dishes that you should try in Madrid are the:

  • Cocido madrileno, which is a meat and chickpea stew
  • Cochinillo asado, that is roasted pork
  • Rabo de toro, that is stuffed beaf meat or a bull's tail
  • Callos a la madrilena, that is a tripe in a spicy tomato sauce
  • Bocata de calamares, which is fried calamari sandwich on French bread
  • Tortilla de patatas that is a thick omelet with eggs, onion and potatoes
  • Patatas bravas, that is fried potatoes covered in a spicy tomato sauce
  • Sopa castellana, that is a garlic soup
  • Of course you shoudn't miss out on the tapas (for example croquetas, manchego cheese, serrano ham and many more).

Restaurants we suggest

Al Paseo | Paseo de la Habana 65

This is a restaurant that serves quality traditional dishes according to the Basques recipes. The most popular dish is tortillas. The atmosphere is very friendly and the service very good.

Arce | Calle Augusto Figueroa 32

A fusion of Basques traditional recipes with modern touches is the key characteristic of the menu of this restaurant. Only the freshest ingredients are used in the prepatation of the dishes and there is also an excellent choice of wines. The decoration of the interior is very pleasant also.

Ciriaco | Calle Mayor 84

This restaurant gives the strong feeling of an old tavern. All furniture are wooden and the walls are decorated with oil paintings that have been offered to the restaurant from older, loyal clients. The kitchen prepares castillan food and the atmosphere is always festive.

La Dorada | Calle Orense 64-66

This restaurant offers excellent fresh fish and seafood from Andalusia. The setting of the dining room makes you feel like you are in a sailboat.

Cafe Balear | Calle Sagunto 18

This restaurant's dining room is completely white and none of the walls is decorated with something since the idea of the restaurant is "less is more". It is supposed to prepare the best paella in Madrid and offers a wide variety of Castillan wines to choose from.

Casa Mingo | Paseo de la Florida 2

The clients of this restaurant will have the opportunity to sit in long, wooden tables along with other guests and enjoy the warm atmosphere. Specialty of the restaurant is the grilled chicken that is served with home-made wine.

Sanabresa | Calle Amor de Dios 12

Authentic, meditteranean dishes and local food from Zamora in a stylish environment are served in this restaurant. The menu emphasizes on codfish and wine.

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