Transportation guide for Milan

Getting around Milan

In Milan plain tickets cost 1 euro and can be obtained in Metro stations as well as in newsagents, automatic machines and from bars displaying the green and orange ATM sticker. The same ticket can be used for 75 minutes from the time stated on the ticket, with any combination of buses and trams, but with just one-way metro route or one journey on a Passante Ferroviario train or on a FNME train (within city limits).

By metro

The Metro system consists of 4 lines, number 1 (red), 2 (green), 3 (yellow), and the Passante Ferroviario (blue). The FNME is the privately-run train service running from Stazione Nord in Piazza Cadorna. Metro trains run from around 6.15 in the morning until 00.14. There are large interchange car parks at the stations Lampugnano, Bisceglie (MM1), Cascina Gobba, Famagosta (MM2).

By bus

The buses can lead you everywhere in the city and you can see the travel plan of each route in every bus stop. There is also a bus that operates during the night and actually follows the route of metro lines 1 and 3, when they stop operating for the night.

By radiobus

The Radiobus service, operating from 20.00 to 02.00, makes it possible to go from central Milan to the western, northern and north-eastern outskirts of the city.

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