New York

Dining guide for New York

Local Cuisine

Eating cheap is easy in New York, providing you avoid Midtown. There is a Whole Foods market on 14th Street overlooking Union Square Park that has a great variety of self-service food stalls, and all second-story seating has views of the park. Weekly farmers markets, also called greenmarkets, offer reasonably-priced locally-grown food. Chinatown, Flushing and Jackson Heights have many cheap restaurants. Keep in mind that in the USA tipping is mandatory. As a result you can not tip less than 15%.

New York has many restaurants you shouldn't miss. Keep in mind that some of them have a dress code. Many restaurants offer a classic Sunday brunch too. Australian, Burmese, Japanese, Vietnamese or any other ethnicity cuisine can be found in the districts of New York. There are also plenty of specialty chocolatiers as well as bakeries in addition to the many restaurants that employ a pastry chef. Your opportunities are nearly unlimited when it comes to sweets! Teuscher, Chocolate Bar, Jacques Torres, La Bergamote, Neuhaus and Lindt are some of the most famous retail stores. When in SoHo, visit Dean & DeLuca, Balthazar Bakery and Broadway Panhandler for the finest raw ingredients, prepared foods, bakery items, sandwiches, and kitchen equipment and cookbooks.

Restaurants we suggest

Tribeca Grill | 375 Greenwich str.

Owners of this restaurant are Drew Nieporent and Robert de Niro. It firstly opened in 1990 and was the main reason Tribeca district became popular. Nowadays, the restaurant is famous due to its excellent wine selection (labels since 1800) which has also been awarded along with another 8 restaurants in New York.

Union Square Cafe | 21 East 16th str.

This restaurants serves lunch and dinner according to the american tradition in a very stylish and elegant atmosphere. There are daily, home-cooked dishes. The quality of the food is very good and the warm welcome by the owners and staff is a strategic advantage of the restaurant.

Eleven Madison Park | 11 Madison Avenue

The bar is ideal in case you want to enjoy quality wine since it offers more than 35 different types of wine which you can taste even with a glass. Second floor is idela for private dinners. The decoration follows an art-deco style and there is an excellent view to Madison Square.

Gotham Bar and Grill | 12 East 12th str

This restaurant opened in 1984 and since then gathers sophisticated people who appreciate good food from all around the world. It has been awarded as the most superb restaurant in New York city by the foundation James Beard. At the same time, its chef Alfred Portale has also been awarded as the best chef in town for 2006.

Old Homestead Restaurant | 56 9th avenue

Located in the ultra-stylish district of Meat Packing, this restaurant opened in 1868. Since then the board of the restaurant tries to keep its good relationships with the meatsellers of New York, so as to make sure that it will have the best meat first. Besides the meat dishes, it also offers excellent variety of seafood, such as lobster, salmon, crabs and shrimps and has been awarded for its wine list in 2006.

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