New York

Transportation guide for New York

Getting around New York

By subway

The New York City subway system is one of the most efficient people transports in the entire world. The primary method of fare payment is the Metrocard. All subway stations and buses are now Metrocard capable.

By train

There are five subway-style PATH stations along Sixth Avenue, 33rd Street, 23rd Street, 14th Street, 9th Street and Christopher Street. Trains from all of those points run to terminals in either Hoboken, Jersey City or Newark, New Jersey, or transfers are available to these points.

By bus

The world's largest fleet of buses, 4,373 public buses, serving over 666 million people per year are available to the New York citizens. The bus system services routes not served by the subway system such as crosstown (East-West) routes and outlying areas. In general, buses stop every 2 blocks making them slow, but for those who have the time to spend it they can also be used as a scenic tour of the city.

By taxi

Yellow Medallion cabs are the only ones authorized to pick up hails. Taxi cabs are required to take you to your destination inside the metropolitan area.

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