Dining guide for Paris

Local Cuisine

In Paris there are numerous restaurants that prepare dishes from all around the world and many more that specialize in the French cuisine. Typical french products include croissants, baguettes and of course many varieties of wine. There is a main distinction between the cuisine of the northern part of France and the southern part of France. The south of France cooking, from the Province region, gives strong emphasis on fresh vegetables and herbs, whereas the northern type of cooking emphasizes on heavier flavours mainly because of the use of whipped cream. Typical french dishes are the ratatouille and the bouillabaisse.

Restaurants we suggest

Couderc | 6 bd de Voltaire

This shop offers very good hot chocolate and a variety of flavours to taste as a light snack. The majority of the dishes are prepared at the time and you can even watch the preparation of your dish!

Au Panetier | 10 pl. des Petits-Peres

Opens at 05.00 in the morning and serves fresh bread of many different kinds.

Les Deux Magots | 6 pl St-Germain-des-Pres

This famous cafe was firstly opened in 1875 and has hosted many of the most significant poets, writers and philosophers of all times, such as Hemingway, Mallarme, Sartre and Picasso.

Le Procope | 13 rue de la'Ancienne Comedie

This is the oldest cafe in Paris. Famous guests of it have been Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and Rousseau. It has a beautiful terrace and a very beautiful view.

Cafe de Flore | 172 bd St-Germain

It is still considered a meeting point for the intellectual people of Paris as well as the actors. This was Paul Sartre's, Simon de Bouvoir's favorite cafe and nowadays Karl Lagerfeld and Leci visit it often.

La Fontaine d'Auteuil | 35 bis, rue La Fontaine

This charming little restaurants is directed by chef Xavier Gregoire who is always willing to please his guests. There is a wide variety of cheeses and the specialty of the house is the smoked salmon. The decoration is simple, the atmosphere very friendly and the quality of food excellent.

Le Bristol | 112 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, 75008 Paris, Metro: Miromesnil

The restaurant of the hotel Bristol has a big glass facade that overlooks the city. All furniture and the decoration is uniquely elegant and luxurious.

Le Maurice | 228 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, Metro: Concorde

This elegant restaurant offers high quality cuisine and an excellent night out. It is decorated with marble columns, mosaic floors, glass chandeliers and beautiful frescoes from wall to wall.

Cafe Charbon | 109 rue Oberkampf, 11th , Champs Elysees

This is a beautiful, fully renovated restaurant that offers qualitative dishes. Your meal will be accompanied by excellent music which is often performed by successful Dj's. It is decorated with many mirrors and chandeliers.

Plaza Athenee | Hotel Plaza Athenee, 25 av. Montaigne, 8th

This restaurants is known for the 10.000 small crystal covered roof. Delicious food with an excellent sense of detail in all aspects of the dinner procedure.

Vive La France | 10 rue de Belzunce, 10th

In case you want to try some traditional French food in reasonable prices, then don' t forget to visit this restaurant.

Chez Michel | 10 rue de Belzunce, 10th

Born in Bretagne, Thierry Breton is extremely proud of his homeplace and as a result he tries to do his best to please his guests. Marinated salmon served with purple potatoes, rabbit with rosemary and dishes that change daily, build the restaurant's menu.

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