Nightlife in Paris

Buddha Bar | 8-12 rue Boissy d' Anglais

The compilation cds of Buddha Bar are famous all around the world. Famous Dj's often perform here. The atmosphere is very cool and relaxing. The cocktail bar prepares excellent, superb cocktails for you. There is a huge sitting Buddha on the ground floor where you can enjoy the meal from the Asian cuisine.

Le Baron | 6 Avenue Marceau

Le baron plays excellent lounge music and its clientele tends to be stylish, elegant and fashion-conscious. Sofia Coppola and Bjiork are some of its famous guests and as a result keep in mind that it is sometimes quite difficult to get in.

Le Cab | 2 place Palais Royal

Near the Louvre, this club organises techno and deep house nights. The decoration is modern and cool and its guests dance until the first morning hours.

World Place | 32-34 rue Marbeuf

3 of the owners of this place are Johnny Depp, John Malkovich and Sean Penn. It was rennovated in 2007 and attracts mainly stylish and young crowds. During the weekdays the music is usually jazz and during the weekends famous Dj's perform their best.

Bus Palladium | 6 rue Fontaine

Beautiful audience in this club, in the heart of Pigalle amuse themselves all night. R'n'B, disco, rap, soul and funk are some of the music genres that you will listen here.

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