Dining guide for Prague

Local Cuisine

The traditional czech food suits perfectly with czech beer. As a result all main dishes are made of beef and pork and are accompanied by "knedliky" which is oat or potatoes, boiled in water, and served warm. A typical dish is the Raiska that is made of meat with sauce and whipped cream. Goulash is also a characteristic soup that belongs to the long year tradition of the hungarian cuisine and has been adopted by the czech one too. Smazeny Syr is a fried cheese served with potatoes and sauce tartar. The Polevka is one of the most popular soups that is made of onions.

Prague is also famous for its beers. Beer is perfectly served with various snacks and meals. One of them is the Utopenci which is sausage cooked in vinegar, oil, onions, red pepper and other spices. Each different beer label has a different taste and as a result is served with a different kind of snack. Dark beers with their sweeter taste are the most popular among the Czech people.

Restaurants we suggest

Barfly Restaurant | U Dobrenskych 3

Barfly is a pleasant restaurant near the Betlemske Namesti in the Old Town. Barfly offers excellent traditional czech food in very good prices and as a result it has grown popular to the locals and the visitors of Prague. It is situated in a very quiet area and is very close to Charles bridge.

La Perle de Prague Restaurant | Rasinovo Nabrezi 80

This restaurants is located at the top of the Dancing House and offers a magnificent view over Prague. The restaurant offers french cuisine that include dishes with fresh fish, seafood, lamb, steaks and a variety of desserts. The view to the river, the castle and Charles bridge combined with the delicious food, makes La Perle an excellent choice for your dinner.

Square Restaurant | Malostranske Namesti 5

Situated in the heart of Mala Strana, in Malostranske Namesti (Lesser Town Square), this modern, elegant restaurant is always crowded. It has been the meeting point for Franz Kafka, Jan Neruda and many other famous personalities of Prague. The menu includes mediterranean and Italian dishes and a variety of well prepared Spanish tapas. The prices are reasonable and it is only 2 minutes away from Charles Bridge.

Staromacek Restaurant | Dlouha 4

This is a typical czech restaurant in the heart of Prague, very close to the central square. The menu includes original Bohemian dishes, such as goulash, pork and turkey with homemade sauces. The waiters are dressed in typical czech costumes and the lighting is always soft, sometimes only with candles. There is a great variety of local wine and beer.

Lvi Dvur Restaurant | U Prasneho Mostu 6

Behind the castle of Prague, near the beautiful, royal gardens, this restaurant will give you the strong feeling that you are dining in a 16th century dining room. It is traditional, czech and has daily, cooked dishes as well as wine from Moldavia, Portugal, France and Austria. In case you want to enjoy typical czech meal near the St. Vitus cathedral, Lvi Dvur is a very good choice!

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