Shopping in Prague

Prague has a decent mix of well-known big name western stores, local brands, souvenir shops and specialist outlets. Typically, Czech products include crystal, hand painted eggs, handicrafts, folk art, puppets and wooden toys. Prague's stores open between 9am and 7pm on weekdays and from 10am to 1pm on Saturday. Czech agriculture has a long tradition. Thanks to the country's climatic conditions, many kinds of vegetables, fruit and livestock thrive here. Among the traditional products are the grain, potatoes, sugar beet, hops and wine grapes and fruit. Besides wheat, other traditional grains include barley, rye and oats. Grain is used for the production of baked goods, the most popular of which are bread, rolls and sweet pastries.

Art galleries

This store sells beautiful objects from the 19th and 20th century like furniture, glassware, crystals, porcelain items and jewelery.

Departments stores

Cerna Ruze Shopping Centrum | Na Prikope 12

This is a modern, central department store in Na Prikope, that includes a mixture of shops, cafes and restaurants. Big brand chains such as Adidas, Bang & Olufsen, Daniel Hecter, Dolce & Gabbana, Mango are only some of the products you will find.

Myslbek Centre | Na Prikope 19/21

This is the richest mall in Prague that hosts many shops of brands such as Marks and Spencer, Marlboro Classics, Kokaii, Calvin Klein, Gant USA and many more. Besides clothing you will also find gadgets, objects for your home and a lot of different stuff too.


Bila is a very successful czech supermarket chain that has many stores not only in Prague and in the Czech Republic but in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and other countries too. The concept is to offer cheap, quality products and resist the invasion of international supermarket chains. It sells a variety of product categories in very low prices.

Fashion stores

Black Market | Konevova 59

This is a store selling clothes for women age 18 to 30. Even if you don' t buy anything after all, it is worth visiting to learn about the new trends in fashion.

Delmas - Lucerna | Vodickova 36

Delmas offers high quality leather products for men and women such as handbags, leather accessories etc.

Galerie Mody - Lucerna | Stepanska 61

Galerie Mody is located on the first floor of Lucerna Palace and houses all latest creations of the best designer shop in Prague and its local designers such as Joseph Taptuch, Atelier Nikkita and E-daniely. There is a strong emphasis on the quality of textiles and the low prices. If you want to enjoy a coffee break then visit the in-house Cafe Galeria.

Souvenir shops

AMI Marionettes Shop | Nerudova 47

Besides the Bohemian crystals someone could buy as a souvenir from Prague, the puppets (marionettes) are a very tasteful and original souvenir from Prague. These are made by Czech craftsmen from either plastic or wood.

Botanicus | Tyn 3

This lovely shop that is situated in Old Town offers products such as natural soaps, creams, oils, candles, shampoos as well as many other organic products.

Czech Tradition | Melantrichova 17

This shop is located inside a 17th century building. A wide variety of wooden toys, ceramics, glassware, hand made stationery as well as beauty products such as soaps, body milks and bath showers.

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