Dining guide for Rome

Local Cuisine

Traditional Roman cooking is prepared with simple ingredients and are always extremely fresh. A typical Roman menu begins with the essential bruschetta with garlic and mozzarella in carrozza. The large pasta course that follows could be spaghetti alla carbonara, bucatini all'amatriciana, bucatini cacio e pepe or gnocchi alla romana. Other typical dishes are coda alla vaccinara, saltimbocca alla romana, costolette d'abbacchio. For side dishes, try artichokes "alla giudia", a typical way of cooking artichokes from Jewish-Roman traditional cooking. You can also try a couple of maritozzi or freshen up with a lovely "grattachecca", the typical Roman crushed-ice drink.

A meeting place for artists and writers during the 19th and 20th century was Caffe Greco, Babington' s Tearooms, Caffe Rosati and Caffe Canova. Espresso coffee lovers shoul definitely visit the Caffe Sant'Eustachio located in the square with the same name, a fine coffee shop founded in the 1930's where the coffee is roasted by hand over wood fire is exceptional.

Restaurants we suggest

Agustarello | Via Giovanni Branca 98

This restaurant is typicalyy Roman in regards of decoration and food. It is situated near the slaughter houses and as a result it prepares excellent meat dishes, especially from beef.

Da Lucia | Vicolo del Mattinato 2

Trippa alla romana and Pollo con pepperoni are two of its specialty dishes. During the summer you can also sit outside.

Ditirambo | Piazza della Cancelleria 74

Ditirambo is situated right outside the Campo de Fiori and is well known for its delicious, innovative dishes but especially for the organic food it serves and the excellent variety of vegeterian dishes. You should try the lentil, which is a soup with porcini, mushrooms and nuts. The menu of the restaurant changes according to the season and the fruit and vegetables available each time. Moreover the pasta and the bread are all homemade.

Enoteca corsi | Via del Gesu 87

This is a typical italian trattoria that offers traditional dishes and is decorated like an authentic italian restaurant.

La Rosetta | Via della Rosetta 8-9

The chef of this restaurant, Massimo Riccioli, who is considered as one of the best in Italy, prepares classic dishes such as linguini ai frutti di mare (pasta with seafood) and moscardini (youn octopus) with mint. While enjoying your dinner sitting at the white tablecloth covered tables, you can also admire the view to the Pantheon.

Papa Baccus | Via Toscana 36

This is one of the restaurants in Rome serving authentic Tuscanian food. All ingredients are fresh and coming from Tuscany. Chianina beef and Spalla di Cinta are excellent dishes you shouldn't miss. Its starters are also very delicious!

Pizzeria da Baffetto | Via del Governo Vecchio 114

This pizzeria has an amazing variety of ingredients to use in your pizza and attracts tourists as well as Italians. The crust is the original italian, thin and crispy.

Renato e Luisa | Via dei Barbieri 25

This is a restaurant that combines italian tradition with french cuisine touches. Its guests are mainly younger audiences and the highlight of its menu is the goat cheese with honey and nuts.

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