Dining guide for Vienna

Local Cuisine

Vienna has one of the world's most famous culinary traditions. Some of the most famous Viennese specialities are the Wiener Schnitzel, the Erdaepfel salad, the Apfelstrudel and of course the Sachertorte. Moreover, Vienna is world famous for its pastries. You will find many shops specializing in making chocolate temptations. Some of them are the Grand Cacao in Naschmarkt, whose owner travels all around the world to find exquisite types of chocolate to use in his creations, the Schokoladenkoenig, whose creations remid of the old, glorious, Hapsburg times. In Xocolat you will find 150 different kinds of chocolate, elegant pralines and a tremendous amount of pastries to choose from. Sacher is one of the most famous chocolateries in Vienna. It is located on the ground floor of Sacher hotel, behind the Opera house and is the only place that offers tha authentic Sachertorte in Vienna.

Wine is also a traditional product of Vienna and locals enjoy the first wine of the season in the traditional restaurants, called Heuriger. The majority of them is on the suburbs of the city, near the vineyards, but there are some in the city center too. Besides the Heuriger, typical Vienesse are the coffee houses. Cafe Central, Museum Cafe, Cafe Prueckel and Cafe Landmann are the some of the most beautiful cafes in town, with an orchestra and live music almost daily.

Restaurants we suggest

Augustiner Keller | Augustinerstrasse 1

This is a very atmospheric cellar whose history dates back to the baroque period. Typical Viennese cuisine and food that is typically served in Heuriger along with traditional, live music are some of the features of this restaurant.

Reinthaler | Gluckgasse 5

Reinthaler is situated right behind the Vienna Opera House and serves traditional, Viennese dishes. The quality of the food is excellent and the service warm and efficient.

Pfudl | Baeckerstrasee 22

Pfundl is coverd in wood and along with its rustic chairs, creates a picturesque setting. Dishes are cooked according to season and the wines depend again on the season.

Zum Schwarzen Kameel | Bognergasse 5

This is an excellent sample of Jugend Style architecture restaurants that offers classic dishes. There are also sandwiches with a very delicate part of pork, that is one of the most expensive ones in town but at the same time definitely the best.

Gasthaus Wild | Radetskyplatz 3

Creative fusion dishes but based on traditional Viennese recipes.

Bristol bar | Kaertner Ring 1

This bar is situated in the Bristol hotel building in Ringstrasse. A sense of old aristocracy is very strong inside this bar that besides the high quality alcohol drinks also serves exquisite food.

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