Transportation guide for Vienna

Getting around Vienna

Besides the ViennaCard, you will also find a 24-hour season ticket for 5.70 Euros, 72-hour season ticket for 13.60 Euros and single ride tickets for 1.70 Euros. These tickets are available at the ticket sales offices of the Vienna Transport Authority, at tobacconists and from vending machines in the underground stations; the 72-hour season ticket is also available in the Tourist Information Office. Single tickets are also available from the automatic machines in the vehicles themselves. Children under 6 always travel free, children under 15 travel for free on Sundays and public holidays and during the Viennese school holidays. There are also reasonably priced "two-trip tickets for seniors" for women over 60 and men over 65 (passport or ID required).

By metro

The subway system in Vienna is very convenient and can transfer you either to a destination inside the city or to the suburbs. Itineraries are very often but stop at midnight. There is also a train that goes to the airport but be careful to buy another ticket for this route since the fare is different. Maps of the subway system can be found in all ticket offices in the subway stations and in tourism offices.

By bus

Buses in Vienna are very useful and can lead you to any district of the sity or the suburbs. There are also night buses for those who wish to return in the early morning hours are late at night that are used by a majority of people and are very safe. There are also buses that go to the airport 24 hours a day.

By tram

Tram is the best means of transport for tourists. Especially the routes that follow the Ringstrasse, give the perfect opportunity to admire many historical buildings and sights and many beautiful districts either by the river Donau or in the city.

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