Cyprus Airways

Cyprus Airways

Cyprus Airways is the national carrier of Cyprus. 69,62% of the company is owned by the Cyprus government and 30,38% belongs to individuals. Cyprus airways operates numerous daily flights to Larnaca and Paphos, Athens and Thessaloniki. The aircraft types that belong to the fleet of Cyprus airways are A319, A320, A330. Many flights to Greece are operated by Olympic airlines.

Take advantage of the excellent prices of Cyprus airways tickets that offers to you and enjoy our excellent customer service! With Cyprus airways you can fly to Cairo, Tel Aviv, Amman, Damascus, Beirut, Bahrain, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Moscow, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Bucharest, Sofia, Rome, Thessaloniki, Athens, Heraklion, Paphos and Larnaca.

Cyprus Airways - cheap air tickets

Book your air tickets with Cyprus Airways via the Flight Search Engine of to all destinations it serves around the world, easily and economically! You can view the airfares 3 days before and 3 days after the dates you initially selected for more economic air fares. You can purchase your tickets using your credit card, online or by phone. After your booking you will receive an e-mail confirmation stating the number of your electronic tickets. The number of your electronic tickets along with a valid passport or id and a visa (wherever this is required) are all you need to get boarded. In case you need any further information or haven't received your e-ticket numbers, then you can contact us at

Cyprus Airways - Baggage Policy

    Economy class passengers can carry with them up to 20 kilos luggage in cargo without any charge, whereas business class passengers can carry up to 30 kilos in cargo for free. Moreover, you can only carry one piece of hand luggage whose 3 dimensions shouldn't exceed 115cm in total and 5 kilos. Infants that travel with a 10% fare can carry 10 kilos of luggage in cargo for free. Moreover, with Cyprus airways you can carry all your golf equipment up to 15 kilos for free as well as your diving equipment (with emnpty bottles) which can be up to 20 kilos.

    As long as the following criteria are met, then passengers can carry their pet in the aircraft's cabin:

  • Τhe pet needs to be accompanied by a guardian who will be in charge of it
  • No reptiles are allowed in the aircraft's cabin
  • The weight of the pet along with its cage must not exceed 5 kilos
  • The cage needs to be waterproof
  • The cage must have a door from where the pet may come outside in case of an emergency
  • The guardian of the pet should have with him special tranquillizers for the pet
  • The pets can be carried in the aircraft's cabin only if there is an empty seat next to their guardian

Cyprus Airways - Frequent Flyer Program

    The frequent flyer program of Cyprus Airways is the SunMiles program. The more points you collect the more choices you will have when exchanging your points to enjoy some of the offers of Cyprus airways. When exchanging your points you can win a ticket in the following categories:

  • Apollo Business class
  • Aphrodite economy class
  • or you can just upgrade your tickets from economy to business class
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